Saaya is a Mediterranean Restaurant and Lounge merging experiential hospitality and a playful refuge from the ordinary.
our story

a refuge to escape, indulge and recharge

Inside, the exotic and familiar await you—an air of invitation, a seductive vibe. Lined by private booths, lit by live performance, in the passing perfume of a roiling hookah; it’s a chic escape for friends and lovers.

Our menu is influenced by the Mediterranean—serving mezze, tapas and toast-worthy tonics; in any language, it’s utter indulgence.

Picture yourself losing track of the hours. Imagine yourself in ecstatic repose. Find yourself in the now—not the “next”. “Saaya” they say, is your place in the shade—let’s keep it cool, all night. 

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Fresh ingredients

Innovative Dishes

World Class Service

our kitchen

Prepared just for you, always using fresh ingredients

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We created Saaya to give joy through modern and exciting mediterranean Experience to all crowds in Dallas!